I want give you a better idea of what to expect from my results based Monthly Membership because it is so different from traditional teaching. It’s not time, like 45 mins, that I’m selling… it’s Results.

  • We’re not going to be working on something different every time we get together, but will keep working towards a goal until we get it! The more often I get to spend time helping you practice, the faster you will achieve higher retention rates. You Will get results faster!
  • Since we are basing your Goals on how your body moves and how the club is moving, we can set measurable goals and prove results. We can even measure your mental game! Those who are serious about competition will also use PGA Tour level Stat Tracking to set long term high performance goals.
  • Everyone’s goals will be different because there is no ONE way to swing the club or play this game. That’s why Jim Furyk is #4 on the All Time Money List! Goals will range from Body Based Swing Mechanics to Club Fitting and Course Management. We can even get into nutrition and sleep habits!
  • Golf is Not played on the practice range so we will need to get out on the golf course to learn how to use your new skills!