We take our feet for granted.  We get lazy and lose ourselves.  Walk up and down any range and you will see people who are squatting too much, sitting back on their heels, standing up vertically or bent over too far.  All of these people are using their feet to compensate for these poor positions.  Since it is such an un-athletic posture, you are going to get one of two outcomes… 1. an Un-athletic swing or 2. You will force yourself to find some athleticism during the swing.  This game is hard enough as it is, so why make it even harder on yourself!

Let’s get ready to move by getting into an athletic posture to start.  To find this we’re going to take away the stability of your feet by standing on an unstable surface.  In the video I’ll us some half foam rollers and a pool noodle, but I’m sure you can find many items in your garage that will provide the same results.

Stand on the object balancing near the middle to balls of your feet and you’ll find that to do so, your body will automatically go into an athletic posture.  If you have a mirror nearby, please take a look at yourself to see how great it looks!  Now copy this position for all your golf shots!