We’ve all seen someone or had the yips ourselves, especially when trying to hit a high soft pitch off a tight lie…  Here’s where I see the masses using the classic tips from their friends to send them spiraling into the full on yips!  Please please do Not ‘keep your head down!”  Please do not ‘hit down’ on the ball… put the ‘ball back in your stance’… no thank you, ‘lean the shaft forward’…only if you don’t like money!

These are all fixes that we all have heard a million times and, although as band-aids, you may get some short term relief with these feelings, you will end up causing more harm than good.  Granted, some of these may work much better with the full swing, however, the full swing and soft finesse wedges should be played in the opposite manner in almost every single way!

In most every case I’ve seen, those with the wedge yips have given themselves the yips by applying full swing components to their finesse wedges and then compounding the situation by applying full swing fixes to their new problems!  It’s a vicious cycle.

Even when viewing 3D data of Tour finesse wedge shots versus full swings, you will see a sequence that is almost completely opposite of the Tour full swing.