If you want to swing like Adam Scott, then you’ll have to have the same body as Adam Scott!  Here’s a look a how we create a golf swing for our students by focusing on what their body can and cannot do.  We must know what your body’s range of motion is before any changes can be made so that we don’t try to make you move in a manner you’re not capable of.

This process always begins with our Full Game Assessment where we find you range of motion via the TPI Body Screen.  This is followed by data collection with a Flightscope X2 which tells us what the golf ball is doing and therefore what the club head is doing at impact.  The KVest 3D motion capture system tells us what the body is doing and helps us understand how that is effecting the club’s motion.  Finishing with a Foot Pressure Map from Boditrak Sports to create a picture of how the golfer is using the ground to move.  This data is correlated into a measurable set of goals for us to achieve during a stated time period.

Please watch this 4 part video series to see how this plays out with one of our students.