The key to consistent wedges from any lie, but especially from the rough, is consistent contact.  Without such, the spin rate and launch angle of each shot will vary drastically. 

It all begins with the set up and there are a few keys that must be constant to ensure the consistency we need.  Beginning from the ground up lets look at your feet:  these need to be close together with only a fist or two between your heels.  Your heel line should be open to the target by approximately 15-20 degrees.  Weight should be favored towards your lead foot by about 55-60%.  All of these set up keys will make it easier to contact the ball with a slightly steeper angle of attack.  This will keep as much grass as possible from getting in between the ball and the club face.

Moving upward, we will look at the torso and use the buttons on your polo as an indicator of proper position.  Just like your feet, we need your torso to be open to the target to help move the low point of your stroke to the target side of the golf ball.  I would love to see your buttons point in the same direction as your lead foot.

Please grip down on the club to help initiate a more vertical take away and hinging of the wrists.  This will help your angle of attack become steeper to keep grass from getting in between the ball and the club face.  Lastly, make sure your wrists stay firm together through and past contact as we must be sure there is no scooping or flipping of the hands.  This alone may ruin all the preparation we’ve achieved.

Last but not least… make a few practice swings while looking at the spot you want the ball to land.  Continue with a few practice swings until you feel the correct speed of the arms and club head… now Let It Go!