It is very important to understand the relationship between your ball position with your club’s path and angle of attack as this ultimately leads to different shot shapes and distances.  Angle of Attack is also known as AoA.

Before going into how the ball position affects ball flight, we must understand how your Angle of Attack affects ball flight…
1.  When the club head is traveling downward, it is also traveling to the right (right handed golfer), therefore, if the club face is square at impact, this will produce a hook.
2.  When the club head is traveling upward (driver on a tee), it is also traveling to the left, therefore, a square club face at impact will produce a slice.


In order to use this information to your advantage, it is extremely helpful to know your normal path & angle of attack numbers.  For this paragraph, let’s assume that your iron swing with a middle ball position has a club path of 0.0 and an AoA of -2.0.  So the actual affect of the downward AoA with the 0.0 club path creates a draw or hook.  If you need to get rid of some of that hook, you should move the ball up in your stance which will decrease your AoA and move your path further to the left… thus creating a straighter ball flight.