The technology craze in teaching with high speed video with ball & club launch data has driven some to seek the ‘perfect swing’… honestly, people have been searching for that much longer than since the techy side vamped up.  The newest tech stuff only made it easier to find out what is right or wrong!  

Take an honest look at all the players on any tour around the world and you will find that there are many different ways to make a living…albeit, some of them uglier than others, I would still love their golf game & their bank accounts! 


Bubba’s win a The Masters was exciting, different than his 1st, but fun and refreshing to see someone do it his Own way.  Obviously, he begs some soul searching for teachers like myself around the globe to ponder what swing is best to teach amateurs & professionals….  The answer?  Every person has their own swing signature that must be taken into account.  

The key is to make minor adjustments so that the impact zone fits into the necessary ranges, for all touring professionals are within a range of numbers at impact.  This is where today’s technology can help tremendously as the naked eye can not see what is really happening at these speeds.