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What Our Customers are Saying

“I played Pelican Hill’s south course last weekend and had the best 9 holes ever… I hit career shots with a blank mind…. Thanks for turning me into a golfer instead of a hitter.”

Peter J.

“I sure enjoyed my putting lessons with you… I have been nicknamed by two different golfers as “One Putt!”… You have really helped me.”

Ross H.

20 Hcp

“Ryan Kennedy is one of the best, most instinctive teachers with whom I have worked. As a superintendent of schools for 27 years, I believe I have significant insight into great teaching. Ryan possesses a rare combination of technical knowledge of his craft, excellent communication skills, and an affirming yet challenging teaching style. When my wife and I joined Saticoy in 2011, I gave Ryan the mandate to construct a new swing for me, thus helping me set aside 45 years of muscle memory. He has done a remarkable job. We agree that the rest is up to me.”

Hank B.

9 Hcp

“I see so many guys that would benefit greatly from what you teach.  The more I observe, the more it seems like the missing link between those that make it and those that don’t. There are a lot of guys that have great technique that can’t play well. I was one of them. I now see how it can be, and how I can play my best golf.”

Chad G

1 Hcp